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The future of Beauty and the Dr. Park Clinic (Work in Progress...)

Park's Clinic is a photographic fiction imagined by artist Woojung Park.


Today Korea is the world capital of cosmetic surgery.

There many young women are operated to get closer to their "ideal of beauty".

The beauty criteria for Korean women are Caucasian ; visible eyelids, big eyes, pointed nose, thin and elongated face ...


But these criteria are only the fruits of ephemeral tendencies and will evolve, as from the preceding centuries towards another reference of beauty.


Why would it not happen one day that the Asian morphological criteria (slanted eyes, flat noses, high cheekbones ...) also become "An ideal of beauty" sought by young Western women ?

Finally, is there an absolute in terms of beauty ?


This portrait is a young European woman whose features have been modified to resemble her ideal of Asian beauty.

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